About Us

We are a team of recognized experts in Onboarding, KYC and AML Compliance, combined with an experienced and advanced high tech team that can transform your customer onboarding process.

A new generation of AI based RegTech

CDDPro is the next generation of RegTech, which enhances the onboarding process by reducing steps, saving time & money and giving you a competitive advantage

Over the last 3 years, we have developed CDDPro with input from leading financial institutions, to produce an advanced and sophisticated, easy-to-use AI based application and data capture technology stack.

We offer a per user licence model, together with implementation support and training through our team of onboarding experts.

Our technology platform readily integrates into your current systems infrastructure and can be tailored to transfer data into any open customer relationship management (CRM) platform, to provide a single customer view of Customer data.

Say goodbye to fragmented customer documents and data, separate screening, document upload and customer forms

CDDPro integrates the process of customer questionnaire, document upload and screening through a seamless, intuitive and easy to use application.

Our advanced RegTech AI-based platform uses the data provided by customers to guide and assist onboarders to capture the right information and data using a series of prompts and guides.

Onboarding is mandatory but often a slow & expensive process

Manual forms, PDFs; back and forth with compliance; lost information and files. All features of onboarding working practices which have suffered from lack of investment.

We will digitally transform your onboarding process, with an advanced AI based application, which guides relationship managers and compliance officers swiftly and intuitively through the end-to-end process of capturing and verifying customer information.

CDDPro provides real-time form data validation, and guides the onboarder step-by-step. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) generated tips and guidance to help RMs and customers get the most out of onboarding interactions by asking the right questions at the right time and by responding to inadequate information in real time.

CDDPro can eliminate errors and shortcomings which would otherwise have to be dealt with by a Compliance approver who, frankly, could and should be doing better things

Regulatory Compliance: now you can clearly demonstrate all customer due diligence (CDD) requirements have been met, simply and effectively

Regulatory reporting and risk checks, a necessity of doing business where there is money laundering or fraud risk, require significant amounts of resource in gathering data and Reporting to the regulator. AML & KYC compliance failures are costly, time consuming and defocus you from what you should be doing: developing your business.

CDDPro will help ensure you are always in the lowest feasible risk category with your regulator, demonstrating a sophisticated and diligent approach to the capture and validation of AML & KYC compliant customer data.

How Does CDDpro Work?

Every week around the world, hundreds of thousands of CDD forms are returned or rejected by Compliance KYC teams because they’re not fit for purpose. Incomplete or incorrect answers, vague statements and lack of training and guidance end up costing significant amounts of time for business development, relationship management and compliance teams.

Ultimately, these errors can cost organizations material amounts of money and resource or even result in compliance failures, increased risk ratings, fines or even prosecution.


Every week around the world, hundreds of thousands of CDD forms (whether manual or digital) are returned or rejected by Compliance KYC teams because they’re not fit for purpose. Many more aren’t returned because there aren’t the resources to spot them or because they otherwise slip through an imperfect net. And so, every year, regulators issue adverse findings and penalties against banks, and correspondents terminate respondent relationships, due to poor CDD.

Typically, the shortfalls identified in the onboarding records relate to one or more of the following quality categories.


Initial information at the point of capture is too scant and lacking in sufficient detail to contribute anything to the money laundering risk assessment of that client. For example, the nature of the client’s business being stated as “consulting” or full ownership details being unclear. In some instances, key fields such as countries of operation or relationships with other banks are left completely blank Visit to our Demo Page to watch examples of how CDDPro can help eliminate these errors.


Different pieces of information provided at the point of capture conflict with each other, with the result that it is unclear which should be incorporated in the risk assessment and/or which creates a general impression of organizational incompetence. For example, information provided by the onboarder or the client states that the client “does not do business with any sanctioned country”, yet elsewhere it states that one of its major suppliers is located in…..a sanctioned country. Or the stated annual expected profit is substantially greater than the sum of the monthly differences between expected revenues and costs. On our Demo Page, you can see how CDDPro can help to prevent consistency errors of this type. Visit to our Demo Page to watch.


Information provided at onboarding simply isn’t relevant to the question being asked or doesn’t deal with it in a meaningful way. For example, the client’s Source of Wealth being described as “Savings” or the Purpose of the Account being described as “Business requirements.” To see how CDDPro can help improve answer quality on such issues, Visit to our Demo Page.


Answers and information which lack credibility or which otherwise ought reasonably to have generated further questions and clarification - or at least some kind of alert to the 2nd line KYC team. For example, a business with a single employee and a business address in a flexi-office building being said to expect annual revenues in excess of $10m, or a client’s home address being given as ‘c/o the Ramara Hotel, Downtown.” By visiting to our Demo Page, you can see for yourself how CDDPro can help improve CDD onboarding quality in these areas.

It shouldn’t be your KYC teams spotting and fixing these kinds of errors – let CDDPro do it for them.