Intelligent Customer Onboarding

Turn your onboarding experience into a differentiator, a way of enhancing your customer relationships and growing your revenue with CDDPro

  • Grow & protect your revenues with our next generation onboarding experience

  • Onboard Customers and make them feel valued from your first interaction

  • Onboard Customers efficiently, thoroughly and productively

CDDPro enables you to maximise the returns from your investment in business development, marketing and sales, to grow and develop valued Customer relationships. It is the first onboarding solution that fully integrates all of the steps to meet the most stringent compliance requirements, while reducing the time and resources required to onboard and integrate Customers into your organisation.

Turn your onboarding experience into a differentiator

CDDPro is a unique, AI-based workflow system designed by some of the smartest people in customer experience and compliance. It combines each step of the screening and Customer validation process into a single customer journey, using Natural Language Processing to significantly reduce the time and effort required to onboard a Customer.

  • Supports and guides relationship managers and Customers through the process, making it a completely joined-up and frictionless experience.
  • Enables the onboarding of Customers in a single, integrated process: no more backwards and forwards between compliance and your frontline teams.
  • Includes screening, verification, document upload and data capture, all in one integrated system.
  • Captures and stores Customer data in a structured, advanced database that can be integrated into your CRM and transaction systems.
  • Enables full integration of Customers’ KYC documents, increasing productivity in the Customer verification process.
  • Stores all Customer data in an advanced, structured data format which can be readily integrated with your customer relationship management systems.

CDDPro is the next generation of Regtech which reduces your exposure to regulatory failures, fines and criminal penalties, by validating answers and intuitively eliciting more relevant information from customers as they go through the frictionless onboarding process. Read more

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What does CDDPro do for you?

  • Efficiency

    Reduces the number of steps in the onboarding process, plus the time and resource required to onboard customers

  • Time & cost saving

    Captures customer information in a seamless, fully integrated application creating readily accessible and enhanced quality of information

  • Enhances Revenue

    Relationship managers and customers through an intelligent onboarding workflow, building customer trust and brand perception

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Through a frictionless, advanced workflow application, customers will find your onboarding or remediation process relationship-enhancing, rather than a blocker to doing business

  • Accuracy

    Dramatically reduces errors, manual validation & form checking

  • Regulatory Effectiveness

    Demonstrates organizational commitment and reliability on AML and CFT to your stakeholders, regulators and correspondent banks.

Industry Stats

The current CDD model isn’t working for most organizations.

  • 350%

    Average increase in the number of employees working on KYC adherence since 2016

  • 16%

    Average year on year increase in KYC Compliance costs

  • 32 Days

    Average amount of time taken to onboard a new customer